energy efficiency - let's save energy together

A building's or company's energy concept is a complex system. Several parts are directly or indirectly interconnected. IBEEE helps to keep the general conspectus: we support you with organising an energy management; we consult you concerning possible energy efficiency activities; we check the cost effectiveness of single course of actions.

Our widespread experience and our profound trainings together with our comprehensive simulation software tooling help you save energy.


  • specialist on energy efficiency and renewable energies

  • EUREM (Wifi Steiermark)

reference projects

  • dimesioning of a photovoltaic system for the lighting system of an ice ring

    details: A photovoltaic system was dimensioned for the lighting system of an ice ring. It was envisioned that the energy obtained from the PV system shall be directly used by the DC based lighting system. Various user profiles were established and directly integrated in the dynamic simulation program POLYSUN. In this way the internal consumption of the lighting system was determined.

  • energy consulting of a two family home

    details: A simulation model of the energy system of a two family home was established with POLYSUN. In this way specific internal consumption are considered. Furthermore various energy efficiency action can be quickly evaluated.

  • simulation and fluid analysis of a double layer building construction

    details: To optimise passive heating and cooling effects of a building a double layer wall concept with an air channel was established. With the help of fluid dynamic analysis the effects of this innovative idea was proven. Furthermore, the heating and cooling energy demand was determined with IDA-ICE. The fluid dynamic analysis was published as userstory on simscale homepage.