electronics for renewable energies

Energy doesn't simply come out of the plug – you have to produce it in a creative way and you have to use it efficiently and in an intelligent way. This is especially true for renewable energies. This can be established by „intelligent“ control systems, by efficient energy conversation and storage and further - mostly - by innovative system solution including sensorics, communication and networking.

Thereby a multitude of new and smart solutions arise, which we want to realise with innovative electronics.

IBEEE is competent in demanding electronic and mechatronic system solutions. Starting from the desired system functions and stated norms system solutions will be established. Afterwards the development is beginning - circuitry and electronic layout, as well as, mechanical design. Depending on individual demands we find solution for e.g. the fitting in casings or the connections to sensors. Furthermore, IBEEE is able to organise testing of small and middle series and to participate in novel installation concepts.

Our main competences are:

  • compact microcontroller solutions with adjustable DC/DC converter, sensorics and communication interfaces (serial, ethernet, wireless)

  • distributed microcontroller systems for real time solutions and analogue functions

  • network and internet connections, compatibility with IoT (Internet-of-Things)

  • long distance maintenance and firmware update, including microcontroller without operating system

  • power supply: DC voltage, DC/DC converter, PoE, direct coupling with PV systems