energy and DC systems

Computational systems and a big part of modern eletronic devises need a DC power supply. Furtheron, Photo Voltaic systems supply DC power. However, in practice, the supplied and needed voltage and current levels differ greatly. Therefore multiple switch mode converters (DC/DC or AC/DC converter) are used.

IBEEE has a long history of developing high performance componance for high effizient DC/DC componants, particularly DC/DC converters.


  • Quad-Switch 4-times power switch with fast power managment circuit and overcurrent turn off; switch power: ca 3.5kW

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power pack according to IEEE-Standard 802.3at; however, total output power is 50W and several, adaptable voltages are possible.

  • LED controller for individual usage of white light, RGB light and UV light. On this small circuit board all together three switch mode converters are included. Power ranges up to 150W.