our business partners

  • applied informatics (DI Günter Obiltschnig)

    solution for a secure internet conection for Embedded Systemes; Internet-of-Things;

  • Arena Halls Sport- und Hallenbau GmbH (Ing. Dietmar Gruber)

    construction and management of energie efficent sports grounds;

  • Comuno (Christoph Volker)

    conception; data monitoring; distant servicing and controlling of cooling systems;

  • EOSYS (Klaus Hartweger)

    central energy system build up in one container; controlling of energy systems; building automation;

  • Institut für Elektrotechnik, Montanuniversität Leoben (O.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Weiß)

    innovative energy systems and automotive systems

  • Institut für Analytische Chemie und Lebensmittelchemie, TUGraz (DI Dr. Helmar Wiltsche)

    analytical chemistry

  • KPT Research&Technology (Ing. Mag. Helmut Poschinger)

    innovation management; company consultant; sponsorship consultant;

  • st.a.r.-systems gmbh (DI Franz Stebe)

    Sonnenserver - PC work space powered by sun energy

  • Techproject (DI Vencislav Todorov)

    electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); analog precision eletronics; prototyp equipment; professionel eletronic solutions;

  • ME2C-Cluster

    Ibeee is member of the technology network for electronics, microelektronics and mechatronics;

  • Powerix (DI Gottfried Schipfer)

    intelligent usage and storage of renewable energie