• 40W Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply for "Sonnenserver" work station

    The PoE supplies an entire work station with data as well as with energy with one single net work cable.

    realised in cooperation with St.a.r.-Systems / Sonnenserver

  • SunLogger – internet connection for photovoltaic

    SunLogger is an embedded Linux Systeme. It includes a mobil as well as stationary internet connection and multiple data gateways. Sunlogger povides a secure data conection via portal, essential for professional monitoring of photovoltaic systems.

    realised in cooperation with Applied Informatics

  • LED lighting

    A new lighting concept employing high efficent LEDs light up utility buildings (e.g. gyms) with up to 50% energy saving.

  • Suncharger – 5V/5W charging device for mobils

    Suncharger is a miniatur electronic board including a micro chip controlled charging device with MPPT function and 5V micro USB connection. This electronic divice has been designed for direct conection on small photovoltaic panels.

    realised in cooperation with Ecoenergy

  • Microcontroller - Instrument monitoring with service panel

    IBEEE designed a universal use monitoring electronic board including service panel for an austrian company suitable for its entire range of products. Furthermore, IBEEE designed the matching application firmware for several instruments. A steady supply with tested and direct usable monitoring systems was established.

  • Measuring system for the strain on road bridges

    IBEEE devolped a measuring system for the Carinthian company PSP GmbH. Different sensors were apply to test the strain on road bridges. The obtained data were transmitted automatically via a mobile internet conection to a server system of the company. A reliable and save connection for the transmittion was ensured. The project was awarded with the "Constantinus Beraterpreis" and the "Staatspreis".

    realised in cooperation with Applied Informatics